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All About Ballerz

Hi allaboutballerz fans,

Guy BranstonJust a few words to explain my business, The idea started a few years ago after a period of being injured, people in football (including people close to me) began questioning my fitness and if I was ready for a game or trial. I said to myself “how am I going to keep proving myself to other people time after time?” The only way was to just go and show everyone what I could do.

For the first time I was starting to think about all the so called help we have in the Professional level, but what about other levels? I began acknowledging how hard it is to be seen or noticed in football even at my level when you have no help.

At my level within the media, you may be lucky enough to have a few clips or comments a week. Yes I do feel that I am very lucky to have that, but football is my livelihood as well as my passion.

So what about the people who just want; a break, a game in their local area, to play for a new team, or just a bit of notice for your lad who you think has talent??? This is where this business comes in, it will help you to gain the notice you need and deserve. You will be seen by the masses, and will give you a platform to possibly be contacted by managers, clubs, agents and you will not just be forgotten about.

This is like social media for football that can be accessed and used by all (including professionals), so make sure you get involved. Start recording and uploading your videos today, videos showcasing your talents and abilities as ballez to everyone. Get your friends or family to record a short clip of you playing your best football, upload and see what it brings you. Managers, agents, scouts get involved! This is a place to find new, raw talents a place to find players of all levels and ages use the search engine to find exactly what you are looking for.

The website is just step one of the business, look out for my monthly blog, updates and information on social media sites for updates on where the business is going next.

Helping everyone at every level in football from the Grassroots to the World Cup. Be part of this today!!

Guy Branston