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Our Commitment to Protection

At allaboutballerz ltd our priority is to make sure we have a safe site for all to enjoy using. If I were playing or coaching football I would check the pitches for my safety before using them and for allaboutballerz ltd we are going to be doing the same. You may want to check out this website first before uploading, but we can assure you we will be doing all we can create a safe website.

We want to have contact with our users and build a relationship with you all so the website can be the best it possibly can be, ensuring good communication with all lovers of the game to bring you a safe enjoyable site.

At allaboutballerz ltd we will make this site as safe as we can, so up loaders can do so without worry. My "Term and Conditions " written up by my solicitor will protect my business, but I want to help you with protecting yourselves when using this website. Here are a few ideas.

  • Do not leave your home address in the comment section for others to see.
  • Inform people when uploading videos of yourselves e.g. Share with your friends, parents, teachers
  • Make sure videos are only about football and the comments too, then we will not remove your clips and comments which would result in you wasting your money.
  • Keep up to date with the blog and our social media and contact details of the business so we can keep updating you with all things related to safety online and using the website.
  • I want you to upload videos so please read my Term and Conditions, and also do your own research into internet safety, this is very important.
  • If you see anything abusive or inappropriate please contact and report this to us we will deal with it immediately and take this behavior extremely seriously.

Please remember this is a business and with any business to work it needs customers, I am willing to help provide this great service, let us all work together to help to keep this a safe website for people of all ages to use and enjoy without concerns.

With Kind Regards
Guy Branston